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    • What is the average duration for completion of a project?

      Answer . Depends on the requirements of the client. Generally eCommerce website takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete and wordpress custom theme development takes 2 to 3 weeks.
    • Mode of payments?

      Answer . All online modes are payments are accepted. Paypal and XOOM is highly prefered.
    • Can I redesign my old website?

      Answer . Sure, That excatly we are famous to do.
    • What is Webdev buddies background?

      Answer .webdevbuddies the hot spot for technology development. Our decades of experience in design, creative communications, website maintenance and website revamp work makes it possible to deliver excellence seemingly with little effort
    • How can I check the progress in my website?

      Answer . If it is a website, We provide a secured and demo link to our clients for day to day monitoring.
    • What are we famous for?

      Answer . Basically wordpress design and development is our U.S.P. Website development, Front end developent, Maintenance and support are added to our services at best.
    • Are your services charges comparable to market rates?

      Answer . Yes obviously. We charge very competitive amount for our services. customer satisfaction by all means is our main objective.
    Web Dev Buddies whatsapp contact
    Web Dev Buddies whatsapp contact